Masterclass for advanced violin/viola players with So-Ock Kim

April 2014

This event featured 7 young performers, all trained on the island to a high standard, performing a solo piece of their choice to an audience of around 40 people. The performances were all extremely well prepared, and showed great skill and musicianship.

So-Ock Kim, a professor of violin at the Royal Academy of Music in London, gave each player some technical instruction after their performance. Her focus for the morning was on making small adjustments in posture and technique which would enable the students to improve both their tonal range and facility to play the most difficult passages.

All who attended the session were impressed by the ability of the pupils to take on board So-Ock’s suggestions so quickly, and by the level of detail at which So-Ock operates as an instructor.

Channel TV also attended this session, taking footage of the performances and feedback. The presenter conducted interviews with some of the performers and So-Ock, which were broadcast on their Evening News bulletin on Friday 11th April.

Workshop for intermediate violin/viola players with So-Ock Kim

April 2014

The take-up for this opportunity was fantastic, with 29 children from a range of more than 10 different schools taking part. The pupils were also representing string teachers across the island, both from the Jersey Music Service and the private sector.

So-Ock led the pupils through some exercises designed to help them develop a number of aspects of their playing including tuning, scales, warm up exercises, and bowing techniques. They also played a selection of fun pieces in which the teachers also played along.

For many of the pupils the highlight of the afternoon was watching So-Ock perform Massenet’s ‘Meditation from Thais, which was simply stunning, and an inspiration to everybody in the room. The pupils were really engaged by So-Ock’s level of performance, and they had many questions for her covering a range of topics from her favourite repertoire, her international career as a soloist and how many hours of practice were needed to be as good as her one day!

The Jersey Symphony Orchestra is extremely grateful to the Ogier Gifted and Talented fund whose generous support facilitated this unique educational opportunity for young local musicians. The participants were also given discount ticket vouchers to attend the JSO concert on 12th April which featured So-Ock as the soloist in the Sibelius Violin Concerto.